The end of 2016 is near and The Sedan Vault will end it with a bang! The band will play two free shows at Het Depot and Café Café. The first 100 visitors at each concert get a free Vanguard Mediabook. Merry Christmas and hope you will have a great 2017!

21 Dec '16
Stoomboot remix

Singer-songwriter Niels Boutsen released a new album with his project Stoomboot. This release contains a bonus track made by The Sedan Vault. The song is a remix of an older Stoomboot track called ‘Einde van de wereld’. On the 20th of January both The Sedan Vault and Stoomboot will perform this remix at Stoomboot Deluxe, the official release concert at 30CC. In the meantime check out the AB Session Stoomboot did of the remix version.

28 Dec '15
Debut for stream

It’s been almost ten years since The Sedan Vault released its first album ‘Mardi Gras of the Sisypha’. From now on you can stream the debut album on Spotify, Deezer and others. Still very proud of this one so go have a listen! Expect one of these old songs in our live shows soon.

28 Oct '15

Last month The Sedan Vault spent a day in the studio with Niels Boutsen, also known as Stoomboot. This young talented singer-songwriter asked the band to pump up one of his jams. Stoomboot will add this co-production to its new album. Both bands will share the stage to perform the song at the release show early 2016.

22 Oct '15
living concerts

Up next The Sedan Vault will be playing a couple of living room concerts. Bathrooms, kitchens, garages or attics: there is no place like your space to trash most! If you want the boys to give a full option concert at your home, check out Register your house and we will bring in the armoury. Better check yo self before you wreck yo self!

14 Jan '15

Starting 2015 with a concert at the Cutting Edge Tattoo shop! This Belgian tattoo store is moving to a new location. If you are in for ink and loud music, come hang out with us at the opening party. We'll be playing at 9 pm. In order to prepare, our lead singer got inked by Cutting Edge last week. This tattoo video contains a new song!

26 Dec '14