Berlin calling!
Redfield Records

While the Greek release of Vanguard is pushing the country deeper into its bankruptcy, Germany is next! As from this point The Sedan Vault will team up with Redfield Records to release its latest album Vanguard in both Germany, Switzerland, Austria and England. A limited mediabook edition will be for sale early 2011. Dates and more information will follow within time.

16 Aug '10
Vlaamse Steenweg Shuffle
FM Brussel

On the 31th of May The Sedan Vault will take over FM Brussel for an entire hour. The band will host the radioshow 'Vlaamse Steenweg Shuffle' and spin their favorite records as they wish. No requests, just self fulfillment...

25 May '10

Two more e-novel dates announced on our website. This summer The Sedan Vault will perform Vanguard live at Feeërieën (AB) and M-idzomer, a new festival organised by Museum M, Depot and 30CC. Go to dates for more info!

20 May '10

The University of Leuven (KUL) has asked for the e-novel Vanguard on David Mitchell's lecture. The British author, short-listed twice for The Booker Prize and one of the 100 most influencial persons according to Time Magazine, was impressed by the e-novel and stated it would 'oxygenate the evening of his lecture'. The performance takes place in Pieter de Somer-Aula (Leuven) on the 19th of May. Entrance is free; reservations overhere.

Rock 'n' read!
17 Apr '10
Listen to the interview Marius had with Studio Brussel! The e-novel Vanguard will be launched tomorrow night at STUK (Leuven). Just a few tickets left so get your last ticket overhere! The virtual launch is planned around midnight.
15 Apr '10
e-novel vanguard

We present you the lyrics, rewritten as the e-novel Vanguard. Ten animated chapters tell about the rise and fall of a twenty first century arsonist gang. All graphics developped by Criticus Design. STUK will release this e-novel on big screen in April. The Sedan Vault plays the soundtrack live: CINEMA meets INTERNET meets ELECTRONIC NOISE. Info and reservations here! At 23h that same night Vanguard gets a virtual launch on Watch a sneak preview!

01 Mar '10